Alex Redondo specializes in helping global brands, startups, & organizations through strategic design, marketing, and development; with an emphasis on producing optimal results through understanding people and their behavior.

With over a decade of hands-on experience, Alex has been involved as a consultant in a number of initiatives of all sizes, subsequently acting upon a variety of roles accordingly for each. Most of which have been for well-known brands and government organizations. These experiences and many others have overall contributed to the building blocks of his career and have granted him a granular-level insight, as well as the confidence required to produce real-world results within any given industry.

Alex is best known for meeting challenges head-on with intelligent approaches, taking into consideration various facets of human interactions that heavily influence perception. Rooted in understanding sociocultural, environmental and external influences; as well as psychological factors to produce intricately crafted experiences, designs, and strategies. Ultimately providing a guiding hand to best align businesses with their desired results and shaping the future of business efforts, influence, and success.

As he continues to help others with their businesses throughout his career as a consultant, he is currently the founder of Avioa, which serves as a broader channel for him to provide his professional services while also helping him focus on proprietary business technologies. Primarily providing knowledgeable insight and executable measures in UX, strategy, design, web, and marketing for shaping the future of business results.

He is also an avid philosopher by nature with an entrepreneurial spirit, sharing his own views and insights here on Elegant Equations with like-minded individuals. He believes in measured transparency and provides an open-book approach on his blog to contribute to the success of others.

On a more personal note, Alex’s personal interests include philosophy, psychology, physics, and art; what he considers as the four cornerstones of inspiration in life. He is also a strong believer in the philosophical concept of ‘causality’, also known as ’cause and effect’. The belief that everything is interconnected in one way or another, and that one action always leads to another. This belief is carried over into his work as well as his daily life, because he understands that for every action, there’s in turn a subsequent reaction.

To sum up Alex’s personal aspirations into a single line; Alex’s true calling as he describes it is to “cultivate inspiration, induce ingenuity, and nourish true creativity”.


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