About the Author

Alex Redondo - Elegant Equations

Alex is best known for his ability to influence perception by strategically taking advantage of a culmination of precise underlining factors, which influence the way an individual feels, thinks, and even acts. These underlining factors leverage upon understanding the social implications, human behavioral patterns, environmental influences, and the psychological connections which make up the overall perception embedded within the carefully hand-crafted experience. In short, influencing and promoting responsive behavior that produces real-world results for businesses via visual design, and a strong understanding of human behavior and psychological principles.

With over a decade of hands-on experience, Alex has been involved as a consultant in a number of initiatives of all sizes, subsequently acting upon a variety of roles accordingly for each. Most of which have been for well-known brands, such as Walt Disney, Discovery Channel, ABC Studios, Carnival Cruise, Celebrity Cruise, Pedigree, Oral-B, Banco Popular, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Pizza Hut, and many more. These experiences and many others have overall contributed to the building blocks of his career and have granted him the insight and confidence required to produce real results within any given industry.

Aside from helping others with their businesses throughout his career as a consultant, he is also a serial entrepreneur by nature and engages in developing, investing, and deploying his own business endeavors. He is currently the founder of Avioa, which architects experiences via perception of the natural world with a focus on proprietary business technologies. Primarily providing advise, insight, and executable measures for shaping the future of business results.

Whenever possible he shares his own views and insights on ElegantEquations.com with like-minded individuals. He believes in transparency and provides an open-book approach on his blog to contribute to the success of others.

Alex’s personal interests include philosophy, psychology, physics, and art; what he considers as the four cornerstones of inspiration in life. He is also a strong believer in the philosophical concept of ‘causality’, also known as ’cause and effect’. The belief that everything is interconnected in one way or another, and that one action always leads to another. This belief is carried over into his work as well as his daily life, because he understands that for every action, there’s in turn a subsequent reaction.

To sum up Alex’s personal aspirations into a single line; Alex’s true calling as he describes it is to “cultivate inspiration, induce ingenuity, and nourish true creativity which promotes responsive behavior that produces results”.

For speaking engagements, event attendance, business opportunities, or private consulting; you’re encouraged to reach out via the contact page. To connect in a social capacity with Alex, feel free to add him on Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter.